Top Turn-ons For Women

What really gets a woman hot? If you ask a man, they will provide you with a variety of answers, and they may even get a few of them right.

However, if you ask a woman, she will tell you what the top turn-ons are for most women, and she will probably get most of them right.

Knowing what turns a woman on is one of the most important keys to having mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex for both of you.

After all, both parties of a sexual encounter should be able to say that they enjoyed it so much it curled their toes. The first big turn-on for women is men who know how to touch a woman.

The key here is soft touch, from one end of her body to the other. Touching a woman softly allows her desire to build slowly, like a fire.

You can't build a fire by throwing on big logs first, you need to start with little twigs and build up to the big logs. It is the same with a woman's desire. Things that start off slowly build to incredible heights for women.

Another top turn-on for women is men who know how to make love slowly. Sure, we all want some hot and fast sex from time to time, but a man who takes his time making love will turn a woman on more than you can imagine.

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If you want a woman to have an orgasm, men need to slow down. When a woman feels rushed during sex, then she feels a lot of pressure to get to that orgasm point quickly, instead of letting nature take its course.

Foreplay is important to a woman, and that is never going to change. So men should get used to it and find enjoyment in exploring her body and getting her turned on and hot for him before they even start having sex.

A third great turn-on for women is a man who knows how to kiss a woman all over. And this does mean all over. Form head to toe, front to back, from the littlest spot on the inside of her left knee to the luscious curves of her breasts.

This shows a woman that you think she is sexy, that she is beautiful. When a woman feels good about herself, then she can really enjoy herself during sex.

This means better sex for the man, as well. So learn to kiss every part of her body as though it were some precious gift, which it is. It is a gift of confidence that every woman enjoys feeling.

Women also get really turned on by men who prepare to have sex. They like it when men do things that show they were thinking about their partner ahead of time.

Men can do this by taking a shower after a hard day at work, wearing aftershave or even putting on a clean shirt. They can also show a woman they are preparing for sex when they do things like put the kids to bed for her, light candles or get a bubble bath or a nice hot shower ready for the two of them.

Women appreciate forethought. While this is sometimes difficult for a man, it pays off to be prepared and show her that you want her by making preparations ahead of time that will make your time together better.

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