Hot, Naughty, Fun And Deliciously Wicked Sex Ideas

Do you want to change up things in the bedroom? Do you want to try some new things that are hot? How about something just a little bit naughty?

You definitely want to try something that will make sex even more fun. Plus, it is always interesting to walk a slightly wicked line. Here is a list of things to help you do just that.

Both of you shave off your pubic hair. You can use a razor, or a depilatory, or even wax. Pubic hair tends to provide a slightly numbing effect when having sex.

You can do it yourself or do it to each other for even more fun. Having sex this way will be a whole new experience.

Get her to wear an incredibly naughty bra, stockings and garters in your favorite color. Then, have her dress prim and proper on the outside. She will not be able to resist flashing you a small glimpse of a lace covered thigh, and you will get hard just knowing what is under her prim getup.

Go out to dinner and ask her to give you a hand job under the table. You can see how long your control lasts while she is stroking your penis. You can return the favor by letting your fingers do the walking to her vagina and getting her hot and ready for you.

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Get her to wear an edible chocolate bra or edible underwear. While some people think these things are silly, being able to nibble on her under things can be so erotic. You might just get carried away.

Cook a meal together in the buff. A study suggests that cooking a meal in the buff is the perfect opportunity for some kinky sex. Just watch out for spattering oil.

Read x-rated books naked in bed together or listen to an erotic book on tape while doing other things. You will soon find yourselves wanting to duplicate what was being described in the literature.

Invest in a black light and some body paints that are designed for showing up in black light. There are several types of these kits available, and they usually include everything you need from the black light to a paintbrush to apply the fluorescent paint to your partner.

Paint her breasts, outline her vagina, or write naughty words on each other and then turn off the lights and see what glows.

Let her explore her dominatrix side. Buy her the perfect outfit, and then let her handcuff you down and be a little bit mean to you.

Make a duplicate of your penis together. There are kits available from many websites that sell sex toys that will allow you to make an exact copy of your penis. You can even make it into a vibrator for the woman in your life.

Try out a little role play. Have her dress up as a French maid, nurse, police officer, schoolgirl or baby doll. Whatever your fantasy is, let it go wild. Studies show that indulging in fantasies together is good for your sex life.

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