Penile Exercise: The Hanging Method

The hanging penile exercise method is geared towards permanent penis enlargement.

It basically stretches the penis so that it will become longer and larger.

There is a certain level of elasticity in the erectile tissue but through regular application, the elastic limits will be surmounted and you will have a larger penis size.

The speed of this penile exercise result will vary from one man to another. There are three types of limitation in this penile exercise method including ligaments, tunica, and skin.

Skin – the skin can be stretched easily but there is a tension you need to be careful of. Avoid stretching the skin unnecessarily. Just stretch enough to accommodate the inner penis.

If you applied the wrong technique, the stretching becomes visible within two weeks or it will become visible if you resume the exercise after taking a break.

Ligaments – it connects the pubic bone and the lower part of your shaft. The ligament stretches more easily compared to the tunica. It is likely for you to see fast initial results through exposing the inner penis.

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Tunica – this is the tough shaft that surrounds the penis chambers. It takes a lot of effort to stretch the tunica both in time and in intensity. To produce permanent deformation in the penis requires constant penile exercise on the tunica.

It is recommended for you to concentrate penile exercises individually both in the ligaments and the tunica using the "divide and conquer" concept. Also, take note that applying heat on the shaft and pubic area will help soften the tissues there so it permanent deformation will be faster.

This penile exercise technique will also aid in greater extension so maximum length is achieved. There is a precaution you should take note of in doing the hanging penile exercise though. Blood vessels are restricted when you stretch the penis. As a result, blood flow will be reduced but it should not be cut off completely.

Your glands should not become a blue color or feel cold because these are signs that blood flow has been cut. Remember that the erectile cells can die within 20 minutes if it receives no blood flow so limiting your penile exercise sessions to 20 minutes is essential.

Before you do the hanging penile exercise for the first time, you should determine the right hanging angle for you. You should also ensure that you have proper equipment and warm wrap. The hanging penile exercise can only be attempted when the penis is completely flaccid. Now, here are the four basic steps to doing this penile exercise:

  • Apply warm wrap 

  • Attach the hanger

  • Put on the weights and then hang

  • Remove weights 

Although the hanging penile exercise is basically a length exercise, you can also expect to gain in terms of penile girth. Most hangers will experience this benefit when they do this penile exercise correctly. Penile exercise is still one of the best male enhancement procedures available. It provides permanent result once you achieve the length you desire. 

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