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Simple penis exercises for enhancement. Are there some exercises I can try myself at home before resorting to devices? The answer is, “Yes, there is.” In this article I am going to tell you about a few.

According to ancient records, exercises have been used for penis enlargement for thousands of years.

But, only recently have there been serious medical studies and clinical trials that prove penis exercises can indeed work in increasing penis length and girth.

Also, these same studies have found that increased penis size is not the only benefit of these exercises.

Other than penis enlargement, these exercises can also increase your ability to maintain harder and longer erections (which will make you able to last longer in bed), improve your overall sex control and performance, and increase the amount of semen you produce when ejaculation occurs.

These effects can greatly improve your sex life as well as boost your confidence. Just imagine guys, not only will you personally be confident about your size, you can also last longer in bed to achieve making your partner happy as well.

How do penis exercises work? Well this depends on the exercise in question. Basically, the thing that makes penis exercises effective is the ability of our organisms to adapt to environment. As a bodybuilder’s muscles grow stronger, they adapt themselves to the weight the bodybuilder is lifting. 

Now here are a few penis exercises to try and how they work:


Kegel exercises - this particular exercise is not targeted at the penis itself but rather at the pubococcygeus muscle (which is used to delay erections). In training this muscle you will be able to prolong your erections.

Penis stretching - there are several types of this exercise but the basic principle is the same: stretching the tissue of your penis. This method makes the cells composing your penis grow, increasing length and girth.

Jelqing - this one is probably the most ancient out of the male enhancement techniques and has also been used by nomadic Arabian tribes.

It involves movements similar to “milking” the penis to increase the amount of blood, which fills Corpora Covernosa (the part of the penis that is filled with the blood and enlarged during erections) thus making the penis visibly larger. If jelqing is performed regularly it can increase both length and girth.

So when you decide to look into buying penis enlargement devices, you may want to consider adding in some of the above exercise to help increase your likely hood on enlarging your penis size.

Not only do these exercises increase the size of the penis, they also increase your ability to maintain harder and longer erections, improve your overall sex control and performance, and increase the amount of semen you produce when ejaculation occurs.

Many people find that by using a device and some type of exercise, they can speed up the process of the enlargement and that the results that they obtain are long lasting.

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