Electric Shock Treatment V/S Penis Enlargement Exercise For Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, this true. Scientific studies have proved that a low intensity electric shock can contribute in the generation of new cells in the penis thereby curing erectile dysfunction. Though this method is quite successful, it does come with complications and risks.

Another option that can help cure erectile dysfunction is the penis enlargement exercise. These exercises are completely safe and do not cause any pan or discomfort when performed properly.

Shockwave Treatment for Curing Erectile Dysfunction

In this treatment an electrical device is used to deliver the shock wave to the penis. Doctors have performed this treatment on around 15-20 people and were quite pleased with the results.

Like said earlier a shock treatment can help in the generation of new blood vessels and also improve the circulation of blood to the penile chambers.

The question that comes into the mind is that is this method appropriate? Can't one cure erectile dysfunction through natural enlargement methods like a penis enlargement exercise program?

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In addition to this, a shock treatment therapy can be quite expensive and may not be suitable for you especially if you are on a tight budget.

Natural Enhancement Techniques

When compared to the electric shock treatment for erectile dysfunction, natural enlargement techniques are considered the most popular methods by men throughout the world.

Methods like patches, pills, devices and a penis enlargement exercise can not only cure erectile dysfunction but can also increase the nitric oxide levels in the penis.

Moreover these methods are recommended by many doctors and experts worldwide. While the electric shock treatment is still in the beginner stage, these methods have already shown positive results for a number of men worldwide.

Disadvantages of Shock Treatment

Some of the disadvantages associated with shock treatment for curing erectile dysfunction in men are as follows:

· It can cause severe damage to the nerves in the penis

· If not performed correctly it can also lead to sexual dysfunction

· This may not be suitable for men suffering from health ailments or on men who are old

· It can cause pain and discomfort

· It is very expensive

A penis enlargement exercise offers a lot of exercises like Jelqing, kegeling and many more. There a lot of exercise programs that offer additional bonuses to their customers. Some of these bonuses include free erotic CD's, membership to a number of forums that offer tips and advice regarding various exercises and sexual issues.


From the above we can see that an electric shock treatment for curing erectile dysfunction can be risky. In addition to this, the concept has not yet been accepted by the people and there is some skepticism about this method.

So why risk your penis to such treatments when you can easily perform a penis enlargement exercise from the convenience of you homes?

If you are worried about your investments, then you might be pleased to know that a penis enlargement exercise program comes with a money back guarantee.

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