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Ballooning Technique - An Effective Penis Enlargement Exercise

Did you know that the ballooning technique can contribute to increasing the length of the penis? Results show that men who have practiced the ballooning technique are said to have maintained stronger and harder erections.

Just imagine the look of delight on your partnerís face when she sees the size of your penis. Many women like bigger penis since it gives them great sexual pleasures.

The ballooning technique is a great penis enlargement exercise. It is just not a physical exercise but also an exercise in self control.

This technique involves expanding your penis at will. Continuous practice can expand your erection over time and thus making your penis look bigger and thicker. The following are the steps on how to perform this penis enlargement exercise.

1. The first step of ballooning can be learned during masturbation or while indulging in sexual activities. The first thing you need to do is stimulate your penis till the time you are ready for ejaculation.

When you are about to ejaculate, squeeze the tip of your penis to hold back the ejaculation. Do this everyday at least 3- 5 times. You can combine this penis enlargement exercise with herbal enhancement pills so that you gain more control over your ejaculations


2. Controlling of your ejaculation leads to the flexibility of your penile tissues. This results in allowing more blood to flow into the tissues. Over a period of time, you will notice the difference in the size of the penis. When this penis enlargement exercise is combined with herbal nutrients, it can assist the body in maintaining the length of your penis.

3. Once you get acquainted with the above two processes, you can then begin the ballooning technique. The first thing you need to do is to arouse your penis to get an erection. When you achieve the maximum hardness, you will then need to massage the penile area with your hands.

Adequate care must be taken in massaging all the private parts of your body. The main objective of this technique is to direct the amount of blood flow into your penis.

4. When you are at the point of ejaculating, stop and hold back your ejaculation. Repeat this 3-4 times. It should not be difficult to perform since you have already learnt how to control your ejaculation in the first two steps. You can actually notice the bulging of your glands at the time of holding back your ejaculation. After practicing this for 3-4 times, you can then ejaculate.

This form of penis enlargement exercise is a very effective method for curing premature ejaculations. It has also said to be effective in improving the libido levels in men. Within a few weeks of performing the ballooning technique, you can see your penis becoming harder and firmer. It also helps in improving the sperm count in your semen.

The ballooning technique is a safe and rewarding penis enlargement exercise. These exercise if performed with the right amount of dedication and will power can not only leave you will a larger and a firmer penis, but also increase your self confidence levels.

Go Slower for a Faster Response

Patience is a virtue when it comes to bringing a woman to orgasm. If you rush her, she might not like it. First and foremost, you need to get a better control over your orgasm. Be mentally prepared that you need to last longer than her. Her pleasure comes before yours. Indulge in a lot of foreplay. Begin by cuddling, hugging and kissing her. Relearn her erogenous zones and in the process, if you feel that you wonít last, take a break, but do not lose contact with her. Play with her or indulge in a dirty conversation with her. Tell her what you plan to do. Take it slow. The more slowly you build up the sexual tension, the faster she will reach orgasm.

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