Penis Enlargement Exercises: The Natural Way to Grow Your Penis

In the present generation, Men desire to have a large penis than they have, to enjoy their sexual activity. So that they feel more confident in bed and are able to satisfy their sexual partners as well as enjoy themselves.

Well the good news is that growing the size of the penis is possible with a natural method of Penis Enlargement Exercise.

This concept of penis exercise was discovered thousands of years ago. However, science has recently proved that the length and girth of the penis can be increased with the help of Penis Enlargement Exercises.

It has also been proved that these exercises not only increase the size of the penis but also increase other abilities. These abilities may include stronger, harder and long lasting erections. It also increases the sperm count, hence improving your overall sexual performance. 

Just imagine the idea of how confident you will be while having sex with your partner. Now that you have a larger penis and can last longer during sex, you can give your partner satisfaction. This is possible with a help of few Penis Enlargement Exercises. Mentioned below are few exercises which will help your penis grow.

1. Penis Stretching: There are many different ways of penis stretching exercise. But this exercise mainly addresses on stretching your penis which will help stretch the penis tissues, thus increasing the length of the penis. This exercise gives lesser effect compared to other exercise.

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2. Kegel Exercises: This exercise does not increase the size of the penis. The main motto of this exercise is to delay erection and ejaculation. This exercise involves contracting your pelvic muscles for eight to ten seconds as if trying to stop the flow urine. This exercise also avoids impotence.

3. Jelqing: This ancient method of penis enlargement involves stroking the penis forward and backward which increases the flow of blood into the corpora covernose. On performing this act regularly, the size of the penis can be increased permanently.

4. Pelvic Floor exercise: Pelvic floor muscles are found between your legs. They go from bone at the front to the spine at the back. You can feel this muscle while you control your urine from flowing. Squeeze this muscles ten to fifteen times in a row. Try not holding your breath or tightening the stomach or thighs. This exercise surely improves the sensitivity of the penis.

Before performing any kind of exercise always warm up by having a hot water bath or rolling a hot towel around your penis and testicles for the blood flow to stimulate. Stop the exercise when paining sensation is felt. Don not over do any exercise as it may cause further problems. Remember to always go slow and safe.

There are many more types of stretching and jelqing exercises for the penis like V-stretch, Omega power stretch, Ultimate jelq etc. These are just different modification of stretching and jelqing exercise. Penis Enlargement Exercises really work like a charm if done properly and in the right manner. Only problem is that men don't have time to perform these exercises.

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